2020 -2021..What Happened?

Well, Colorblind is approaching the last few months of 2021. It's almost been like a bad dream looking back at 2020 and 2021. We started out 2020 with a positive outlook for the year, then the changes started to happen. We were impacted with live shows and got together a few times to practice, but 2020 was nothing we care to remember, and 2021 got off to a very slow start. By mid summer we were back playing, but occasionally we would get a hiccup with an event here and there.  As we are approaching the fall season of 2021 we have several events that will get us through the end of the year on.a positive note. 2022 looks very promising already with some good shows book. Look for us to be of course at The Pub in Kennewick several times next year including a big St Patty's party on March 17th, and we have already booked 3 weekend dates in downtown Kennewick at The Branding Iron. We love the downtown scene and look forward to these Branding Iron, 2 night weekend dates.

Hope to see continue our to see our friends outthrough the end of 2021 and get ready for a positive 2022!

Color Blind 

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